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13 November 2012

Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer is a road trip novel with a message.

Jenna Boller works at Gladstone Shoe store in Chicago. She is sixteen and though she does not always feel like she fits in at school, she is a great shoe salesperson. She knows the products and can read people to make sure she finds them the right shoes.

When Madeline Gladstone, President of the company, asks her to drive her to work. When she does so successfully, Mrs. Gladstone hires Jenna to drive her from Chicago to Dallas, stopping at her stores along the way.

Mrs. Gladstone is headed to Texas to retire and hand the company to her son. But her son has different ideas about business that did she and her husband. They set out to provide a quality product at a fair price. Her son is focused on making money in spite of what quality shortcuts are necessary along the way.

Filled with wisdom, human and philosophy, Bauer's novel looks at our changing world. She highlights what may be wrong with our current society and points out that we can choose to retain quality if we wish. Great book.

Bauer, Joan. (1998). Rules of the Road. New York: Speak.

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