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11 November 2012


Seraphina by Rachel Hartman is a brilliant fantasy about a world where dragons and humans live together.

Humans and dragons have lived in peace for almost 40 years - since the treaty between the Queen and the Ardmagar. And with the anniversary approaching, the royal city is getting ready for the Ardmagar's visit. While dragons (in human form) are always within the city, his visit is something special.

Seraphina, as Music Assistant to the court, has her work cut out for her organizing the musical entertainment while maintaining a low profile. She has a secret that could threaten her position at court and her blooming friendships with Princess Glisselda and Prince Lucian. Seraphina is half dragon. Her father fell in love with a woman who never told him she was a dragon - he found out when Seraphina was born.

Hartman has created a beautiful story that is both classic fantasy and something new. Her characters are unique and compelling. Her plot familiar and yet intriguing. This is dragon fantasy equal to Anne McCaffrey or Tamora Pierce. Amazing book - and hopefully only the first in a series that features Seraphina.

Hartman, Rachel. (2012). Seraphina. New York: Random House.

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