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19 November 2012

Run the Risk (Love Undercover #1)

Run the Risk by Lori Foster is the first book in her new series - Love Undercover.

Logan Riske is undercover as Logan Stark. He is tracking the sister of a witness to the murder of a police commissioner. If he can find the brother he can finally take down a dirty club owner who has a knack for getting away with crime after crime.

Sue Meeks is really Pepper Yates. She is in hiding. The only person she has contact with is her brother - but he only calls her and at random times. She knows that he is trying to keep her safe but she is going a bit stir crazy. And her neighbor, Logan, won't leave her alone. Her instincts say he is a good guy, but she cannot take the chance that she is wrong.

Foster's new series features good guys who will stop at nothing to bring criminals to justice. Fans will not be disappointed in this new series.

Foster, Lori. (2012). Run the Risk. New York: HQN.

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