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07 October 2015

Half the World (Shattered Sea #2)

Half the World by Joe Abercrombie is the second book in his Shattered Sea series.

Thorn Bathu is one test away from becoming a warrior. Each year of study runs more girls out of the program until she is the last one. Now Thorn is the last. But something goes wrong during her last fight and a classmate is killed. Her teacher, who never wanted to pass her, accuses her of murder.

Brand watched Thorn's last test. It was unfair as she was set against three classmates. Brand tries to be good, but did not speak up at the unfairness of it. But when she is sentenced to the full impact of the law - which may include stoning to death - Brand has to speak up. He talks to Father Yarvi, the King's Minister, and doing so loses his place as a warrior himself.

Father Yarvi has use for both Thorn and Brand. He is about to leave on a mission to find allies in the ever changing political climate. The High King is exerting pressure on the kings of the land, as if he wants to usurp their power with his own. Yarvi and his crew will travel half around the world, fighting their way for the opportunity to have a few worlds with rulers who may stand at their side should war come.

Abercrobie's trilogy is a great work of fantasy fiction. His characters are compelling and readers will become fans quickly. Read this series!

Abercrombie, Joe. (2015). Half the World. New York: Del Rey.

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