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20 October 2015

Half a War (Shattered Sea #3)

Half a War by Joe Abercrombie is the third book in his Shattered Sea series.

The kingdoms around the Shattered Sea are at war. The war has been coming for a while as the High King and his Ministers try to control more and more of what goes on within the different kingdoms.

The kings of Gettland and Vansterland have promised help in defending Throvenland from the High King's army - but that help has not arrived. King Fynn has had to make a deal with the High King. But the High King has betrayed the agreement. Bright Yilling, the king's champion, has destroyed the city and killed most of the royal family of Throvenland.

Princess Skara is disguised and escapes with the pirate Blue Jenner. She is taken to Gettland, to Queen Laithan - her cousin. But Skara vows to see herself back in her family's land. She will do what she must to save her kingdom.

Abercrombie has created a great fantasy series. There is a twist to the story that I will not give away, but please read it so we can discuss the hidden with  the story!

Abercrombie, Joe. (2015). Half a War. New York: Del Rey Books.

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