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04 October 2015

The 7th Woman (Paris Homicide Mystery #1)

The 7th Woman by Frederique Molay is the first book in her Paris Homicide Mystery series - set in Paris around the Chief of Police Nico Sirsky.

Nico Sirsky is the head of the Paris Criminal Investigation Division, the famous Brigade Criminelle, tasked with catching the worst criminals in Paris. Working with teams of detectives and the medical examiner, Nico will have to find a serial killer.

When the first body appears, they don't know it is a serial killer, so they start looking at the family and friends of the victim. When the second woman if found, a note tells them that there will be seven bodies in seven days.

Molay's novel gives readers a look inside detective work in France - which is much different from the process here in the US. Her detective is competent and surrounded by helpful coworkers. Her killer is sadistic and likes to play games with the police. If you are a fan of France or mysteries, read it.

Molay, Frederique. (2012). The 7th Woman. New York: Le French Book.

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