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25 October 2015

To Hold the Bridge (Old Kingdom / Abhorsen)

To Hold the Bridge: An Old Kingdom Novella and Other Tales by Garth Nix includes an addition to his amazing Abhorsen or Old Kingdom series, which now includes four books and two short novellas.

Morghan has very little of value. His parents recently died and left him the clothes on his back and a piece of paper from his great grandfather. The piece of paper, however, while potentially worth some money is also a way to apply to one of the most well funded companies in the Old Kingdom.

On the northern edge of the Old Kingdom there is a large river - the Greenwash - that is difficult to cross. Just north of the river there is a market at the change of each season - a chance for those of the Old Kingdom to trade with the nomadic tribes to the north. Years ago a company was founded to build a bridge across the river - the Greenwash Bridge Company. People bought shares that would mature over the building of the bridge.

Morghan is not sure why his parents had not sold the share - as they had anything else of value. But he has spent the only and last of his money on passage to the bridge. The share gives him the opportunity to apply to be a cadet in the Bridge Company. If he succeeds, along with hard work, he will gain food and shelter for the coming years.

Nix has written a novella about a different part of the Old Kingdom. In the past we have learned about the Wall at the southern edge of the Old Kingdom, but the far north is new territory. With the Abhrosen series continuing (yeah!) reader will hope to see more of Morghan and the stories of the Bridge Company (please, please, please!). If you are not familiar with the Old Kingdom books - start Sabriel today! This is one of the best fantasy series ever created!

Nix, Garth. (2015). To Hold the Bridge. New York: Harper.

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