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21 October 2015

The Edge (Peak #2)

The Edge by Roland Smith is the sequel to his book Peak - about a kid who climbed Everest in an attempt to become the youngest person to summit.

Peak Marcello still loves to climb mountains and rocks, but is happy escorting his younger twin sisters around New York City for the summer.

When the film crew who documented his climb of Everest show up, Peak is read to say no to what ever they are asking. And a climb sponsored by the billionaire Sebastian Plank, were 200 under 18 year-olds climb on the same day for peace sounds terrible. Peak prefers to climb alone. But his friends will not get the job filming if he does not agree to climb.

So it is decided that he and his mother, a world class climber in her own right, will join the team. At the last minute they learn their destination - the Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan. And when they arrive, the camp does not look big enough for 200 climbers.

Teams of five young climbers will be climbing mountains all over the world - all caught on film to make a documentary about peace that will air on television. Peaks team includes a climber from Japan, Ukraine, Australia and France. The two he notices are from Australia - because the guy is obviously more talk that skill - and France - because she is really cute and a great climber.

But before the day of the big climb, Peak awakes from a nap after a long afternoon of filming to find everyone missing. Two guards who were their to protect them are dead and the only other climber still in camp looks like he fell to his near-death from the wall. Peak's mother and the other climbers and crew have been kidnapped.Peak will do whatever it takes to follow their trail and find his mother and friends.

Smith has written a great sequel that could be read on its own. This is a great adventure book with enough technical detail to make the story come alive but not enough to overwhelm readers who do not climb. If you like adventure, suspense, mystery, or survival books - this is for you.

Smith, Roland. (2015). The Edge. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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