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26 February 2015

Red Phoenix (Dark Heavens #2)

Red Phoenix by Kylie Chan is the second book in her Dark Heavens series - a fantasy series set in modern Hong Kong and based on Chinese mythology.

Emma Donahoe is the nanny for Simone, daughter of John Chen. Chen is actually Xuan Wu, a god and one of the four winds. His daughter is half shen (god) and half human, and due to the greed of demons, she is a target.

Emma has been training in martial arts in order to be able to protect Simone. She has also become part of the family, along with the other protector, Leo. Because of the energy it takes for the gods to remain in human form, it will be necessary for John Chen to return to the celestial plane soon. He wants Simone to be as protected and skilled as possible by that time.

While Emma, Leo and Simone continue their martial arts training, a particularly vile demon is plotting to capture one of them in order to present to the demon king. Any demon who accomplished it would be made second in command.

Chan has created a universe with gods moving among humans. Readers will devour the books to see where the story leads.

Chan, Kylie. (2007). Red Pheonix. New York: Voyager.

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