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24 January 2015

White Tiger (Dark Heavens #1)

White Tiger by Kylie Chan is the first book in her Dark Heavens series - a great fantasy series that reads like a realistic action thriller.

Emma Donahoe is an Australian living and working in Hong Kong. She teaches English at a school for small children and she tutors Simone Chen - the daughter of a mysterious, wealthy business man. When she quits her job at the school, Mr. John Chen offers her a full-time position tutoring and taking care of Simone. The job will include a generous salary and room and board.

Emma move into the penthouse apartments with Mr. Chen, Simone and Leo, the driver and bodyguard. Emma has no idea what Mr. Chan does for a living - his description makes him sound like a spy. Soon Emma is drawn into a world of martial arts, ancient legends and gods and demons.

Chan has created a wonderful beginning to this series. Her characters are full and compelling, her story will have readers staying up late to see what happens next. This is book one in a trilogy that will appeal to fans of Lian Hearn's Tales of the Otori and Steve Bein's Fated Blades series. Buy book one today!

Chan, Kylie. (2006). White Tiger. New York: Harper Voyager.

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