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04 February 2015

Mounting Danger

Mounting Danger by Karis Walsh is the story of a fledgling mounted police force in Tacoma, Washington.

Sargent Rachel Bryce of the Tacoma is an outcast. She had a fellow officer arrested when he broke the law instead of looking the other way or handling it in house. Now very few officers speak to her and it is making her job difficult.

When she is called into her boss's office she is surprised to find she is being assigned to the new mounted force. The program is so new that the horses and riders are still being trained. Luckily, Rachel grew up on a ranch and knows horses better than people. But she has little time to get them ready for their debut.

Callan Lanford, a local celebrity and polo player, has been asked to help with the training. She was going to turn it down until Rachel talks to her. Cal remembers Rachel from college. They played polo against each other. Now, if Rachel can score a point on her she will help.

Walsh has written a suspenseful mystery with two compelling main characters. The plot has twists and turns as the characters try to figure out who is sabotaging the mounted program and how to overcome each obstacle. Walsh is one of the stars of the small publisher Bold Strokes Books.

Walsh, Karis. (2013). Mounted Danger. New York: Bold Strokes Books.

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