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07 February 2015

Starhawk (Priscilla Hutchins #7)

Starhawk by Jack McDevitt is the seventh book in his Priscilla Hutchins science fiction series.Starting in the middle of her qualifying flight, Starhawk, follows the early days of Priscilla's career as one of the best pilots in the skies.

During her qualifying flight, Hutch and her instructor fly to different parts of the know universes so he can evaluate her knowledge and response to simulated problems. When a real situation develops, Hutch is called to save a group of teens whose ship is stranded and is drifting toward a planet.

Gaining stardom on her first official flight, Priscilla returns to look for a job as a newly minted pilot amid the turbulent politics of star flight and the terraforming of a planet. Protestors are threatening to do more than the previous stranding of a ship - a ship that was scheduled to run supplies to the company killing off life on a planet to make it habitable for humans but was re-tasked for students.

McDevitt has a firm grasp on the future he has created in the Hutchins series. Both the science of space travel and the politics on the Earth are believable and readers will become fans before they complete the first book. Hutch is a great character who readers will follow as far as the known edges of technology and space.

McDevitt, Jack. (2014). Starhawk. New York: Berkley Publishing Group.

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