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02 February 2015

Flight Risk

Flight Risk by Kim Baldwin is the story of one woman on the run from the mob after she witnesses an execution.

Blayne Keller works with her best friend at a travel agency in Chicago. During the winter they take turns going out in the cold to get lunch, so when Claudia forgets drinks Blayne volunteers to sneak next door to the soda distribution warehouse to grab some of the extra cans that are always laying around. Luck is not on her side when her visit overlaps with a mob boss exacting payment for an underling who has been skimming profits.

The FBI gets inside in time to save Blayne from the mob boss, but she will have to stay in protective custody until the trial. Unfortunately, there seems to be a leak because the mob keeps finding her.

In an out of the box move, a supervisor at Witness Protection calls in a former agent who can work off of the radar and keep Blayne safe. Alexi Nikolos was a great agent until someone under her protection was killed. She will not let it happen again with Blayne - especially after she begins to develop feelings toward her.

Baldwin has written a series of events that keep her main characters on the run from the US to Canada to Europe while trying to escape the hitmen on their trail in this romantic suspense novel. Flight Risk is a fun read for those who want some action with their romance.

Baldwin, Kim. (2007). Flight Risk. New York: Bold Strokes Books.

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