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01 March 2015

Hunter's Pursuit

Hunter's Pursuit by Kim Bladwin is the story of a woman who retired from her job and just wanted to live in peace and quiet.

Kat is an assassin who went by the code name Hunter. She hasn't taken a job for over five years. She has plenty of money and just wants a quiet life now. She is currently living in one of her safe houses - one built into the side of a mountain - more of a bunker than a house.

One night while she is out hunting for food, she sees a car drive off the side of the icy road and flip. Though she is not normally one to help a stranger, she is compelled to help the woman in the car. She pries her out and takes her back to her house.

It is suspicious that a woman showed up on an isolated mountain road on the same day Kat found out that here is a contract on her head. Kat does not believe in coincidences, but the woman has amnesia. Kat's instincts tell her that the woman is not a threat.

But according to her source, three people (one woman and two men) have accepted the contract to collect one million if she is killed. And if it doesn't start snowing again soon, the tracks she left from the car accident to her hidden home will be easy to follow.

Baldwin has created a tense action packed story on one woman's quest to stay alive. Readers will stay up late to see how it ends.

Baldwin, Kim. (2005). Hunter's Pursuit. New York: Bold Strokes Books.

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