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21 June 2014

The Engines of God (Priscilla Hutchins #1)

The Engines of God by Jack McDevitt is the first book in his science fiction series featuring Priscilla Hutchins.

In the early 23rd century, humans are exploring space. A small number of planets have been found with the ruins of past civilizations. One planet, Quragua, has a team of archeologists excavating an ancient temple. If they can find more examples of the language, they can start to decode the language of the creatures who lived there. But the Academy team is running out of time. The space corporation, Kosmik, intends to start terraforming  the planet for human settlement - which will make the planet uninhabitable for close to 100 years.

Pilot Priscilla Hutchins has been to many of the planets and  with artifacts and ruins and is being sent to collect the Academy team. She will be joined by one of her favorite archaeologists, Richard Wald, who thinks a new discovery will lead to connections between Quragua and the people he has been studying.

McDevitt has created a great beginning to a series with a complete idea of the world he is writing about and an excellent main character who readers will follow through adventures where ever she flies. Great science fiction.

McDevitt, Jack. (1994). The Engines of God. New York: Ace Books.

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