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04 June 2014


Suspicion by Joseph Finder is a thriller from page one to the very end.

Single father Danny Goodman is a writer. He is working on a second book, but the advance he is living off of is about to run out. And his daughter's school is very expensive. He is about to tell her that she will not be able to go on the junior class trip, when another parent tells him it is taken care of.

Thomas Galvin is a very wealthy man. His daughter has never been as happy as she is now that she has a best friend. And Tom would give anything to keep her that way, so paying for her friend to go on the trip is no problem.

As Danny and Tom become friends, Tom gives Danny a loan to make sure school is paid for - a loan of 50,000 dollars. But the next day the DEA comes to talk to Danny. They say that he has accepted drug money and that if he does not help them in their case against Tom, he will go to prison for racketeering.

As Finder weaves the plot through twists and turns, Danny becomes more desperate to get away from the DEA who are putting his life in danger. His life is becoming more and more intertwined with the Galvins. Finder is a master of the thriller. His books will keep you up all night reading until the last page - and craving more.

Finder, Joseph. (2014). Suspicion. New York: Dutton.

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