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27 June 2014

Rebel (Reboot #2)

Rebel by Amy Tintera is the second book in her Reboot series - a virus that kills people and then brings them back with less emotion and more strength, known as a Reboot, has swept the United States. A city was walled off in Texas to try to keep unaffected humans safe. The Reboots were at first destroyed, but later used as a police force by HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corp). It is thought that the longer you are dead before you come back, the stronger you are and the less human.

Wren 178 and Callum 22 escaped and are looking for a rumored Reboot settlement in the desert of Texas. They are done being used by HARC and kept lock in cages. If they can find the other Reboots, they may have a chance at a normal life.

But the Reboot reservation is not all they had hoped. The people there are lead by Micah who has a plan to release all of the Reboots still held by HARC and to kill the remaining humans. Wren and Callum have to decide what to do: join Micah, run away by themselves, or save the humans.

Tintera has created a great dystopian world. The Reboots are a cross between zombies and the next step in human evolution. This two book series is a must read for science fiction fans.

Tintera, Amy. (2014). Rebel. New York: HarperTeen.

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