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02 June 2014

Moon at Nine

Moon at Nine by Deborah Ellis is the story of two girls who fall in love in Iran in 1988 - based on the true story of one of the characters.

Fifteen year old Farrin lives in Terran. She has many secrets. In a society where people can be arrested by the Revolutionary Guard for saying anything that can even loosely be seen as anti-government, it is likely that there are things to keep hidden in every family. But Farrin's parents have parties celebrating the Shah and hoping for his return to power - acts that could have them executed.

Farrin goes to a school for academically talented girls. She has no friends and is watched by the student monitor who loves her role as a tattle-tale. Then one day at school, Farrin meets Sadira.

Farrin is instantly intrigued by Sadira. She cannot stop thinking about her. And as their friendship grows, they come to realize that they feel more than friendship toward each other - feeling that, if discovered, could lead to imprisonment or death.

Ellis has written a book based on the story of someone she knows. The story is true but names and dates have been changed to protect family members still living in Iran. She captures both the oppression and the hope of Iran after the revolution - and the desperation two young women feel within a society where they do not control their own lives.

Ellis, Deborah. (2014). Moon at Nine. Toronto: Pajama Press. 

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