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07 June 2014

Starglass (Starglass #1)

Starglass by Phoebe North is the first book in her Starglass series about a ship of humans whose ancestors left Earth and are about to reach the planet the ship has been flying toward for 500 years.

When it became apparent that Earth was going to be destroyed by an asteroid, people began to sign up for ships being sent toward planets that appeared inhabitable. The people who joined the Asherah were agreeing to live a following Jewish traditions. Each person was to be married and have two children - a boy and a girl - to keep the population up for the long journey.

Now, less than a year from reaching the planet Zehava, Terra Fineberg is graduating from school and getting her work assignment. The only life she has ever know is the ship. Life on the ship is well regulated - it would have to be to house nearly a thousand people for almost five hundred years. The ship's Council will assign her a job and she will be eligible to declare her intentions to marry.

Terra is nervous and excited to start her job. She currently lives with her father who pays little attention to her. Her mother died four years ago - a rare occurrence for someone so young. And her brother has married and move in with his wife. Terra is eager for a new life of her own.

But when she takes a shortcut home from work she sees something she was never meant to see. A murder committed by a guard leads her to a secret group within the ship - those who are planned to rebel against the rigid rules of the ship. And Terra must decide what side she is on and what she is willing to do for that side.

North has created a science fiction series with a great lead character. Reader will be interested to see what Terra does when give the choice over her own fate.

North, Phoebe. (2013). Starglass. New York: Simon & Schuster.

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