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04 December 2013

Prophecy (Prophecy #1)

Prophecy by Ellen Oh is the first book in her Prophecy series. The Dragon King's Prophecy states: "Seven will become Three. Three will become one. One will save us all."

Kang Kira is the only woman in the king of Hansong's army. She is the prince's bodyguard as well as his cousin. The people fear her as the demon slayer. In fact, she is still killing demons, thought the populace thinks there has not been a demon among them for years.

The other skill/curse Kira has is that she sometimes has visions. And when she dreams of an invasion, the king sends her and his son to the mountains to be safe. Unfortunately, with the changing tide in the Seven Kingdoms, nowhere is safe. While she would give her life to save her cousin, it is also thought that he may be the one from the Dragon King's Prophecy from thousands of years ago.But the same blood that runs through the prince's veins also runs through Kira's. She could be the one from the Prophecy as well. Either way, she will have to fight.

Ellen Oh has created a fantasy series that reads like it is based on ancient legend. This series will appeal to readers who loved Graceling, Eon, or the many other great YA fantasy series featuring kick-ass chicks.

Oh, Ellen. (2013). Prophecy. New York: Harper Teen.

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