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25 December 2013

Be Mine (Jackson Hole, Kowalski Family)

Be Mine includes stories by Jennifer Cruise, Victoria Dahl and Shannon Stacey.

Too Fast to Fall by Victoria Dahl is part of her Jackson Hole series. Jenny Stone is a bartender at the Crooked R Saloon. She also has a habit of driving too fast. Deputy Nate Hendrix has pulled her over six times for speeding in her classic car. He can't understand why she can't just slow down and be safe on the roads. After another warning, he makes her promise to take a driving course on safety. But when they see each other in the Crooked R, sparks fly.

Alone with You by Shannon Stacey chronicles the opening of a new bar/restaurant in upstate Massachusetts. Jake has only a couple of days in the city before he heads up to begin renovation on what will become a second location of Jasper's Bar and Grille. To see if it might fit into the new place, while in town Jake goes to a local bar for trivia night. He is paired with Darcy. After one great night together, they lose contact to be reunited when her boss sends Darcy upstate to help with the opening of the bar.

Sizzle by Jennifer Cruise is the story of an advertising executive and an accountant working on the launch of a new perfume.

Cruise, Jennifer. Be Mine. New York: HQN.

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