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11 December 2013

The Lady Risks All

The Lady Risks All by Stephanie Laurens is a historical romance that takes place in London in 1823.

Miranda Clifford is used to taking care of her brother. Now that Roderick is an adult she needs to let him make his own decisions, but still she finds herself following him out of the house one night. When he enters the large white house down the street, Miranda is sure he is up to no good or about to get into trouble. The house belongs to Neville Roscoe, London's gambling king.

Neville Roscoe is not what he appears. Sure he owns dozens of gambling halls and hells, but that is only one part of his empire. He also runs a group called the Philanthropy Guild. And that is were Roderick was headed when Miranda broke into her neighbors house to save her brother. After being caught and invited to listen in on the meeting from the shadows of the library, Miranda is forced to concede that perhaps Roderick doesn't need her anymore.

But when Roderick disappears, Miranda turns to Roscoe for help. And in spite of a lifetime of warnings not to risk her or her family's reputation, she insists on accompanying Roscoe on the trail of the men who kidnapped her brother.

Laurens is known for her historical romance novels. If you are a romance fan and have not read Laurens, this is a great place to check out her work before diving into one of her many series.

Laurens, Stephanie. (2012). The Lady Risks All. New York: Avon.

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