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03 December 2013

The Republic of Thieves (Gentlemen Bastards #3)

The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch is the third book in his Gentlemen Bastards series.

Locke Lamora has spent most of his life as a thief. As a child he stole to live. When he was adopted into the temple of the Crooked Warden, he became a master of both thievery and lying. Now Locke is in a delicate situation. No one in his right mind would work with the Bondsmagi of Karthain. But he has little choice - it is work with them or be left to die.

So Locke and his best friend, Jean Tannen, are off to Karthain to help win an election. Each election is backed by money from the mages as they choose sides and help guide the party they want into power. Of course, they could do this by magic, but they see it as entertainment to watch the mere humans battle over seats to the city.

Told through both present day and flashbacks to their time being trained as Gentlemen Bastards, Locke and Jean - plus the other they grew up with - tell the story of the life of Locke Lamora. Lynch's series is great fantasy filled with capers and outrageous cons.

Lynch, Scott. (2013). The Republic of Thieves. New York: Del Rey.

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