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05 November 2013

So Tough to Tame (Jackson Hole #3)

So Tough to Tame by Victoria Dahl is the third book in her Jackson Hole romance series.

Charlie Allington just moved back to Jackson Hole. She had been gone since just after high school, but now she is in need of a change and is moving home where she can regroup. Also, her friend from high school is about to open a resort and Charlie is a trained security specialist. And after what happened, no one else will give her a chance.

When Walker Pearce hears that his high school tutor is moving back and needs a place to live, he asks his landlord if she can rent the empty apartment across the hall. Pearce thinks it will be nice to have a friendly face close by as he looks for a job. He is a ranch hand who has been working in dude ranches, but needs to line something up for the winter season.

But when Walker sees Charlie, the image in his head is shattered. She is not the cute, athletic girl from high school. Well, she is still athletic, but all grown up. And though they both have secrets they will risk being exposed for a chance to get to know each other as adults.

Dahl is a fantastic romance writer who captures characters' personalities and quirks while leading readers on un-put-downable romantic journeys. Her books are some of the best romance written.

Dahl, Victoria. (2013). So Tough to Tame. New York: HQN.

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