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19 September 2012

Close Enough to Touch (Jackson Hole #1)

Close Enough to Touch by Victoria Dahl is yet another great book by a master storyteller.

Grace Barrett can fit everything she owns into one old duffel bag. And she and the bag have just arrived in Jackson, Wyoming. She has a job lined up in Vancouver in a few weeks, but she could not stay in L.A. for one more day. Luckily, a great aunt she has never met has an empty apartment she can use in the mean time.

Jackson is a far cry from Los Angeles and Grace has some adjusting to do. She is used to having her guard up and needing to protect herself from the people around her. But in Jackson, the people are mostly friendly with no ulterior motives.

Cole Rawlins is Grace's new neighbor. He had lived on the ranch he plans to buy someday but lost his place in the manager's house when he shattered his leg and could not ride. Now he is doing physical therapy and praying that he will ride again one day.

Dahl has written a great romance about two people trying to find their places in the world. The characters are great, the setting beautiful, and the story steamy. Victoria Dahl is one of, if not the best, romance writer today. But I have no idea who the people on the cover might be - they are not the characters in the book...

Dahl, Victoria. (2012). Close Enough to Touch. New York: HQN.

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