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04 November 2013

Never Go Back (Jack Reacher #18)

Never Go Back by Lee Child is the eighteen book in his Jack Reacher series. Reacher is ex-Army and was the head of the MP Special Unit, the 110th. Since retirement he has been traveling around the United States and both getting into trouble and solving problems he finds along the way.

Reacher just arrived in Virginia from North Dakota. He is back at the 110th headquarters in Rock Creek, just outside of Washington, D.C. He came all this way because he spoke to the current commander, Major Susan Turner and wanted to meet her in person.

But when he arrives, it is not Major Turner in the office. Major Turner has been replaced by a temporary officer because she has been arrested for taking a bribe. And Reacher is told not to leave, that there are two cases pending against him.

Child's series just gets better. Fans will read any adventure involving Jack Reacher, and this one includes a jail break, a manhunt including the FBI, Army, DC police and four unknown thugs, and a conspiracy that reaches up the military command chain.

Child, Lee. (2013). Never Go Back. New York: Delacourte Press.

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