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20 November 2013

Champion (Legend #3)

Champion by Marie Lu is the third book in her Legend series - set in a dystopian future in the Republic of America.

After the floods and famine and fighting, the world looks different. What used to be the United States is now made up of the Republic of America in the west and the Colonies of America in the east. At the moment there is an uneasy truce between them in preparation to write a peace treaty. But when a plague begins to sweep the Colonies, they blame the Republic and give them three days to send a cure or face more attacks.

The Elector of the Republic knows there is no cure for the many sick kids his father sent to the Colonies to spread disease. But that does not change the fact that he has to do something or his country and people will be attacked. His one hope lies in a boy who was experimented on and then rescued by his brother - the infamous Day, who spent most of his youth fighting against the Republic that destroyed his family.

As the tension increases for what may be the final round of fighting between the Republic and the Colonies - deciding if the people will be ruled by a Senate and Elector or by corporations - Day will play a role in how the people respond. This thrilling conclusion to Lu's trilogy will delight readers as they stay up all night to finish it.

Lu, Marie. (2013). Champion. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons.

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