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05 December 2011

The Trap (Magnificent 12 #2)

The Trap by Michael Grant continues the story of the Magnificent 12 - twelve children who must work together to save the world from a force that is about to be released.

In the first book, Mack MacAvoy was told that he was one of the twelve. He was given a credit card to fund his trip and told to go to Australia to find another of the twelve. He found Jarrah.

Now Mack and Jarrah, along with Mack's bully, are off to find others. They will travel to China based on a hard to decipher clue given to Mack.

But with only 34 days left to gather, they need to work faster. Of course the minions of the ancient evil about to rise is trying to stop them.

Grant is a humorous a writer as Jasper Fforde. He puts his characters through the impossible and reader run along for a wild ride.

Grant, Michael. (2011). The Trap. New York: Katherine Tegan Books.

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