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15 December 2011

The Desert Spear (Demon Cycle #2)

The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett is the second book in his brilliant Demon Cycle series. In a world where demons rise in the darkness and people hide behind magic wards to keep them at bay, some are beginning to fight back. Wards for combat instead of defense will allow the rise of a Deliverer who will lead humans in the next Demon War.

Ahmann Jardir of Krasia, a desert kingdom in the South, claims that he is the Deliverer, or Shar'Dama Ka. His people have put every faith in him and his rise to power believing that he will lead them to victory over the demons. But first they are to conquer the people of greenlands in the north - to unite them under Jardir's word.

Arlen Bales from Tibbet's Brook, Leesha Paper from Cutter's Hollow, and Rojer Inn of Riverbridge have already begun to teach people to fight the demons. The village of Cutter's Hollow even changed it's name to Deliverer's Hollow after a battle in which most every able citizen fought - the first time people in the North have fought back outside of folk tales.

But the legend does not allow for two Deliverers. Eventually, either Arlen or Ahmann must prove to be the true Deliverer.  This sequel continues the story with the intensity readers enjoyed in the Warded Man. This fantasy series is amazing and would hold its own against any other fantasy series I have read. Start reading it today!

Brett, Peter V. (2011). The Desert Spear. New York: Ballantine Books.

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