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19 December 2011

Against the Wind (Raines of Wind Canyon #1)

Against the Wind by Kat Martin is the first book in her Raines of Wind Canyon series.

Sarah Allen and her daughter Holly are moving back to the town Sarah grew up in - Wind Canyon, Wyoming. They have been living in Los Angeles. After the murder of Sarah's husband she needs a change. Though she has no ties left in Wind Canyon, she loved the town growing up.

Jackson Raines moved back to Wind Canyon a few years ago. After high school and an attempt at wrestling in the Olympics, he is ready to become a rancher. When he moved home he bought Raintree Ranch.

Sarah has rented a cabin on the Raintree Ranch. And for the first time she will be using her degree in journalism to work at the local newspaper. Sarah is ready to start her life over. Unfortunately, her late husband's shady business dealings have men coming after Sarah to find some information they are sure Sarah has inherited. Jackson will have to step in to save Sarah and Holly from a dangerous situation.

Martin's book captures the feel of living in the wide open country of Wyoming. Her characters are well-developed and compelling. This first book is a promising hint of what is to come with the rest of the Raines of Wind Canyon series.

Martin, Kat. (2011). Against the Wind. New York: Mira.

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