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07 December 2011

To Tempt a Scotsman (Huntington #1)

To Tempt a Scotsman by Victoria Dahl is the first book in her Huntington series of historical romance. This was her first published novel.
Lady Alexandra Huntington does not conduct herself like the average Lady in Yorkshire in 1844. She runs the estate of her brother, the Duke. She does not follow the rules of the Ton because she has had a scandal and is now free of the game to find a husband.

Collin Blackburn swore to his father to track down the man who killed his brother in a duel of Lady Alexandra. He has an idea of what to expect when he meets her but she is nothing like he imagined her to be.

Now that she has met him, Alexandra thinks that maybe being a fallen woman has it advantages. She can have an affair with Collin and not have to marry him. But once she kissed him they cannot get each other out of their heads.

Dahl is known for her contemporary romance and the humor she adds to plot and dialogue. Her historical romance is just a high quality and fun to read. Dahl is a great choice for any romance readers who need a book to read.

Dahl, Victoria. (2007). To Tempt a Scotsman. New York: Zebra Books.

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