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31 December 2011

Against the Law (Raines of Wild Canyon #3)

Against the Law by Kat Martin is the third book in her Raines of Wild Canyon series.

Devlin Raines is semi-retired from Raines Investigations. He only gets involved if the investigation is really interesting or he gets bored. But when a friend he was an Army Ranger with sends him a beautiful client he decides to help.

Lark Delaney promised her dying sister that she would find the baby her sister gave up for adoption. She is to make sure that the girl is well cared for by her adopted family. All she has to go on is the name of an adoption agency in Phoenix - one that no longer exists.

As Dev and Lark investigate, they find that the agency was not licensed in Arizona. That fact alone makes the adoption illegal, but Lark only wants to check on the child, not take her home. But when they find the adoptive parents all is not well.

Martin has written a fast-paced romantic adventure involving everything from hunky ex-soldiers and cowboys to drug cartels to kidnapping and murder. This is a great read.

Martin, Kat. (2011). Against the Law. New York: Mira.

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