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20 January 2016

The Chase (Holt Lasher #1)

The Chase by Jesse J Thoma is the first book in the Holt Lasher series. Holt is a skip tracer who is known around the Providence, Rhode Island area as someone not to mess with.

Holt is chasing a kid she has caught before. Peanut is always in trouble for misdemeanor crimes and never seems to make it to court. Even though Holt always catches him, he is running.

After a chase through two neighborhoods and over too many tall fences, Holt catches him in someone's backyard - just in time for Peanut to tackle her into the pool - saving her from the shotgun blast that just came over the fence.

Isabelle Rochat, a CPA, is upset that someone chased a criminal into her backyard and brought danger into her life. But Holt is convinced that the shot was meant for Isabelle.

Holt assigns her crew to watch Isabelle until she can convince her she is in danger and can help get her out.

Thoma has created a kickass super hero in Holt Lasher. Her books are fast reads that will pull reader in and not let go.

Thoma, Jesse. (2013). The Chase. Valley Falls, NY: Bold Strokes Books.

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