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29 January 2016


Femme by Mette Bach is a coming of age story.

Sofie is a bad student. She sometimes thinks she should try harder but is easily convinced by her boyfriend to blow off studying to hang out.

Then her English teacher decided everyone was going to work in pairs. Now her work will affect the grade of another student - a really good student.

Clea is a good student, athlete and the president of the Gay-Straight-Alliance at school. . She has plans to get a scholarship to college and get out of Vancouver.

As Sofie gets to know Clea she begins to try harder. She is starting to think she is smarter than she gave herself credit for in the past.

When Sofie joins Clea for a weekend road trip to check out colleges in Portland, Oregon, her feelings begin to change.

Bach has written a sweet HiLo lesbian novel. (HiLo- High interest, Low reading level)

Bach, Mette. (2015). Femme. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co.

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