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06 January 2016

Pedal to the Metal (Holt Lasher #2)

Pedal to the Metal by Jesse Thoma is the second book in her Holt Lasher series. Lasher has a bounty hunter agency and a reputation in Providence, Rhode Island for getting the job done.

Max Winter has worked for Holt for a while but has never in the field. Max is a computer expert and usually does her work from the office, but Holt is moving her to the field for their next case.

Car thefts have skyrocketed in Providence and Holt has been asked to investigate. The police have found no evidence about who is behind the increase. In order to gain an inside edge, Whitney Williams - who goes by Dubs - will be released early from prison to assist. Dubs is one of the best car thieves on the East coast.

While Dubs is helping out she is still a flight risk, with Holt on the line, so she will be handcuffed to Max for the duration of the case or unless she proves trustworthy.

Thoma's has written a high adrenaline suspense novel and created a kick ass character in Holt Lasher.

Thoma, Jesse. (2015). Pedal to the Metal. Valley Falls, NY: Bold Strokes Books.

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