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30 January 2016

Seneca Falls

Seneca Falls by Jesse Thoma is a story of healing and finding love.

Seneca King goes to Sophia College, an Ivy League women's school in New England. She is on scholarship and works three jobs. She has a reputation around campus and at the local lesbian bar - she is aloof and gorgeous. She never goes home with the same woman.

Her roommate, Britt, knows her a little better than everyone else, but still not well. Britt is her fifth roommate and only friend until she meets Kate. Kate Smith is the new athletic trainer. And she offers Seneca a job - one job to replace the three. Seneca jumps at the chance.

Seneca also meets Dylan. Dylan is a senior who spent her last year studying abroad. When she returned she felt disconnected from her old friends. She wants someone who knows more about the world outside of campus.

Seneca's past is a block that could get in the way of her relationship with Dylan. She hasn't told anyone at school what happened to her. Only Kate knows that Seneca's limp is from a gunshot wound.

Thoma has written a great story of redemption and healing. Her characters are real and compelling. This is the third book of hers I have read recently and I have thoroughly enjoyed each one.

Thoma, Jesse. (2015). Seneca Falls. Valley Falls, NY: Bold Strokes Books.

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