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28 January 2016

Destroyer Angel (Anna Pigeon #18)

Destroyer Angel by Nevada Barr is the eighteenth book in the Anna Pigeon series. Anna is a park ranger in the US national parks. She has been assigned all over the place during her career (each book takes place in a different park).

Anna is joining friends camping in the North Woods of the Iron Range in Minnesota. Heath is a paraplegic and former rock climber who is testing equipment that will help make her time outdoors more enjoyable and give her more freedom of movement. Heath's daughter, Elizabeth is with her. Leah, the designer of an outdoor wheelchair and a canoe for paras is joined by her daughter Katie.

On their second night in the woods, Anna goes for a solo canoe float down the river. While she is away four men surround the camp. They are there to kidnap Leah and Katie. Some fast thinking prevents them from killing Heath and Elizabeth. Soon the four women are tied up and being marched out.

Anna hears them before she stumbles upon them and then uses her knowledge of the outdoors to track them, waiting for an opportunity to help.

Barr is a master storyteller. Her character, Anna Pigeon, is the person you want on your side in any situation - she could rival Jack Reacher in her usefulness. These books are awesome. If you have not yet started the Anna Pigeon books, you can start at book one: Track the Cat or at The Rope, a flashback to her first case as a ranger. Either way - read this series!

Barr, Nevada. (2014). Destroyer Angel. New York: St. Martin's Press.

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