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18 March 2015

Blue Dragon (Dark Heavens #3)

Blue Dragon by Kylie Chan is the third book in her Dark Heavens fantasy series about humans, gods and demons in Hong Kong.

John Chen, also known as Xuan Wu - God of the Northern Heavens, is living in human form in Hong Kong. He is becoming weak from being in human form for so long and all of his efforts are to make sure his daughter, Simone, can take care of herself before he returns to the Celestial plane. Once he does, it will take years to regain enough power to return.

The family has been attacked repeatedly by a demon who wants to advance in the demon hierarchy. Demon One-Two-Two is hoping to collect the head of Xuan Wu to gain a position as Number One, second only to the King of the Demons.

Emma, Leo, and Michael, along with a host of lesser gods and the Four Winds themselves are around to help protect Simone and allow her to spend time with John before he must depart. One-Two-Two will force his hand, making him choose between staying longer and removing a threat.

This third book in the series continues the journey of Emma in her study of martial arts and energy work. Fans will be surprised to see there is not a fourth book in the series, but instead another trilogy that continues the story eight years later: Journey to Wudang (Earth to Hell; Hell to Heaven; Heaven to Wudang). This is a great fantasy series for fans of mythology.

Chan, Kylie. (2007). Blue Dragon. New York: Harper Voyager.

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