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24 March 2015

Death Marked (Death Sworn #2)

Death Marked by Leah Cypess is the second book in her Death Marked series.

Ileni grew up in a mountain village founded by people who were opposed to the Empire's power and its use of magic. She left that village when her magic began to fade and was sent to the Assassin's caves to be a teacher. Now she has left the assassins, including the boy she loves, and is entering the Empire. Everything she has been taught about the Empire - both at home and by the assassins - will be tested.

Ileni is amazed to realize that at the Academy of Sorcery she can use magic. After feeling like a part of her was lost, she has powers again. But this power comes at a price. Her village told her that the load stones used to gather magic are supplied by slaves that the Empire kills. While using magic feels amazing, she must find out where the magic really comes from.

Cypess has created a series where one young woman must evaluate everything she was taught and learn to trust herself to find the truth. While she finds her place in the world she will be thought of as a traitor and a spy. Follow her adventures as Cypess puts her in tricky situations where she doesn't know who to trust.

Cypess, Leah. (2015). Death Marked. New York: Greenwillow Books.

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