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29 January 2015

Unwanted (Fredrika Bergman #1)

Unwanted by Kristina Ohlsson is the first book in her series featuring Fredrika Bergman. Bergman is a civilian analyst with the Stockholm police - a program to bring people educated in related fields into the department.

A woman and her daughter are traveling by train into Stockholm. When the train makes a longer than scheduled stop due to signal problems, the mother leaves her daughter asleep in the quiet car and steps outside to make a phone call. When a distraction causes the mother to miss the train, she immediately contacts the railroad office and a conductor is sent to sit with her daughter. When the train arrives in Stockholm, there is no sign of the little girl.

Fredrika Bergman and Peder Rydh are assigned to the case under the leadership of Alex Recht. Together they start and investigation which, based on statistics, points them toward the ex-husband and father of the little girl. But Bergman, not relying on the years of police training that Rydh and Recht have between them, is not convinced the father is the only possibility.

Ohlsson has created a great mystery set in the tension between civilian and police inspectors who are working together. Her book has the feel of a Scandinavian mystery - a increasingly popular subgenre - but with none of the gory details the genre is know for. This is just a good read with three main characters readers will root for and against while devouring the book to find out who done it.

Ohlsson, Kristina. (2012). Unwanted. New York: Washington Square Press.

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