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14 January 2015

Thief (Robin Monarch #3)

Thief by Mark Sullivan is the third book in his Robin Monarch series. Monarch, the son of a thief and a forger, is an ex-Special Forces, ex-CIA thief who grew up in the slums of Argentina.

Robin Monarch escaped the slums because of one woman - Sister Rachel Diego del Mar. Sister Rachel is a doctor who works to improve the lives of those who live in the Village of Misery. Over the years she has received anonymous donations (from Monarch) and has expanded her clinic to include an orphanage. She is Monarch's only family.

Robin is targeting an unscrupulous man who may have had a hand in the kidnapping of the US Secretary of State. Arsenault has a vault of unclaimed riches on his estate and an annual Christmas party to provide cover. Robin plans to take millions of dollars.

But Arsenault is a man who can hold a grudge. Once he finds out who Monarch is, he will take his revenge - targeting the one person Robin loves the most. Now Monarch has to find a way to steal some early scientific research to trade for Sister Rachel's life.

Sullivan has created a team of very capable characters with Monarch at their head. His books are fast-paced and exciting, filled with capers, rescues, and politics.

Sullivan, Mark. (2014). Thief. New York: Minotaur Books.

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