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26 January 2015

The Fire Wish (Jinni Wars #1)

The Fire Wish by Amber Lough is the first book in her Jinni Wars series - a YA fantasy that brings to mind elements of One Thousand One Nights.

Najwa is a jinni. She is in training to join the Corps - the division that goes to the planet's surface to spy on humans. During her first test in transporting she returns with a beautiful rose. The surface is the most magical place she has ever seen and puts the crystal cavern she lives in to shame.

When Najwa returns later to the palace, against her teacher's wishes, she hears that the prince is about to be married - the same prince she saw on her first visit. The same prince about whom she cannot stop thinking.

Zayele lives in the village of Zab - famous for being the place where the war between humans and the Jinn began. She is content with her life and is best friends with her brother. She is shocked to discover she has been chosen to go to Baghdad and marry Prince Kamal.

Again against the wishes of her teacher, Najwa goes to the surface. She must see the girl who is to marry the prince. But it goes very wrong when her wish of invisibility fails and the girl sees her. Zayele grabs her and wishes to be saved from her fate and sent home.

Always be very careful how you word a wish to a Jinni. While Najwa takes Zayele's place in the barge that is taking her to Baghdad, Zayele is sent to Najwa's home not her own.

Lough has created a magical tale of two young women finding their places in the world amid a war between their peoples. Her settings and descriptions are wonderful and evocative. I am hopeful that this will be a great series.

Lough, Amber. (2014). The Fire Wish. New York: Random House.

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