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06 March 2013

The Eden Prophecy (Danielle Laidlaw #3)

The Eden Prophecy by Graham Brown is the third book in his Danielle Laidlaw series. Laidlaw works for the NRI, a government agency that works with advancements in technology - with a secret division tasked to steal new technology or stop others from using new technology to destroy the world.

The US Ambassador working at the United Nations receives an envelope that tells her she has been infected with a virus. As the NRI works with the Centers for Disease Control to find out what the virus does and if it is contagious, Danielle Laidlaw and Hawker (an ex-CIA agent turned NRI operative) try to track the source of the virus.

The source of the virus is a man Hawker worked for years ago in Africa. He was a man obsessed with finding the scientific equivalent of the fountain of youth. But now Ranga is dead. The group he was working for is attempting to synthesize a virus to infect people with long life - a goal that would lead to vast overpopulation taxing the Earth beyond its limits to sustain life. And now the only person who could finish Ranga's work is his daughter Sonia. Hawker and Laidlaw have to find her before the bad guys.

Brown has created a series in the genre of James Rollins - science based thrillers that take some new discovery or ancient text and create a crazy ride of plausible twists that readers love to follow. Laidlaw is a great character who is capable and fun to follow.

Brown, Graham. (2012). The Eden Prophecy. New York: Bantam Books.

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