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29 March 2013

Count Me In

Count Me In by Sara Leach is the story of a weekend hike gone wrong.

Tabitha has no desire to go hiking with her cousins and aunt. Her parents thought it would be a good idea because she has been having trouble at school and she could use a break. Tabitha doesn't think her cousins, Cedar and Ashley, are much nicer that the kids at school. Plus, their hike to their family's favorite cabin is to spread the ashes of her recently deceased uncle.

Tabitha is not a hiker. She spends her free time studying math. She spent the summer at math camp learning about the Fibonacci sequence. Now she is getting blisters and carrying a giant backpack up the side of a mountain.

A simple hike to say goodbye turns dangerous when rains cut off their escape from the mountain. Between injuries, a lost dog and a hungry bear the weekend will challenge Tabitha in ways that will make school bullying look easy.

Leach has written a quick adventure thriller that will pull readers in from the very first page.

Leach, Sara. (2011). Count Me In. Custer, WA: Orca Books.

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