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01 March 2013

Ragnarok (Chess Team #4)

Ragnarok by Jeremy Robinson is the fourth book in his Chess Team series about a an elite black ops team that is tasked with any extraordinary threats.

After losing his whole team Rook decided to take some time to himself to process. He ended up in Norway in a town where suddenly all of the people are acting strangely. In the mean time, the Chess Team is looking for him because there are strange phenomenon occurring around the world.

Globes of light have been appearing in various cities around the world. When they disappear again all that was inside goes with them - buildings, people, cars, everything. The Chess Team must figure out how to find one before it leaves so they can try to find out what they are, what is causing them, and how to stop them.

Robinson, writing this time with Kane Gilmour, has created a series that will appeal to fans of military fiction, science fiction, and more. The Chess Team is an unstoppable force.

Robinson, Jeremy. (2012). Ragnarok. St. Augustine, FL: Seven Realms Publishing.

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