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18 March 2013

The Buckhorn Legacy (Buckhorn #5)

The Buckhorn Legacy by Lori Foster is the fifth story in the Buckhorn series about four brothers, and now one son, who live in the town of Buckhorn, Kentucky.

Casey Hudson was raised by his father and his father's three brothers. His father and uncles were sought after company in town due to both their looks and their manner - each of them would do whatever it took to help anyone in the community. Now, eight years after the previous book, Casey is all grown up and being followed all over town by the single women.

Emma Clark left town eight years ago and never planned on coming back to Buckhorn. In order to escape the life she was in she faked a pregnancy, named Casey the father and allowed her own father to throw her out of the house. She was only thinking to buy some time while she explained to Casey that she had lied and that she needed a safe place to spend the night. But before morning, Emma disappeared. Casey, his father, and his uncles looked everywhere for her.

Now eight years later, Emma is back in town because her father has suffered a stroke. But on her way into town her car overheated and she found herself stuck on the side of the road. And the first car to find her happened to be driven by Casey - the boy she has never forgotten.

Foster's sweet story of two people reconnecting after years apart will appeal to all romance readers. She has a loyal group of readers for a reason and Buckhorn Legacy is the perfect example of why.

Foster, Lori. (2013). The Buckhorn Legacy. New York: HQN.

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