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10 December 2012

Black Rain (Danielle Laidlaw #1)

Black Rain by Graham Brown is the first book in his series featuring Danielle Laidlaw. Laidlaw works for a shadowy government branch whose job it is to come up with the latest technology through development, theft, espionage or other means.

Laidlaw is being sent to the Amazon to look for an ancient Mayan city. In spite of the theory of the Maya in the Amazon being likely laughed out of any academic setting, Laidlaw is tasked with setting up a team of researchers, mercenaries for protection, and one ex-CIA pilot to trek up a branch of the river to a place the natives avoid like the plague.

In this James Rollins style adventure thriller, the scientists have to fight against the jungle, the native tribes, and some strange quirks of evolution to find the site they are seeking and come out alive - if, in fact, they do live.

Laidlaw is a great character who will catch the attention of readers and be followed through many adventures. Hopefully, others from this book will make appearances in the future as well. Can't wait to see where she goes next!

Brown, Graham. (2010). Black Rain. New York: Dell Books.

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