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30 September 2009

Sphere of Influence (Mark Beamon #4)

Sphere of Influence by Kyle Mills is the fourth book in his series featuring FBI agent Mark Beamon.

Mark Beamon has done so well as an investigator with the FBI that he has been promoted to the Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix office. He hates being the SAC. He misses the challenge of an investigation and is dreading the inspection that will analyze every thing done out of his office for the last year.

When a tape is released to the media showing a rocket launcher somewhere in the US desert, Laura Vilechi is assigned to find it before the threat can be carried out. She asks Mark for his advice and he gratefully jumps into the investigation. In fact, at one point he is so deep into the investigation that he is working for one of the most powerful criminals in the world.

Mills writes a complex, mesmerizing thriller that will have readers skipping work to finish the book. Beamon is a lovable wreck of a character with a sharp mind that picks up what others miss. This series is a must read for suspense fans.

Mills, Kyle. (2002). Sphere of Influence. New York: G.P. Putman's Sons.

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