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09 September 2009

Raising Atlantis (Atlantis #1)

Raising Atlantis by Thomas Greanias is a science fiction thriller that includes both one possible future and the origins of human life on Earth.

Dr. Conrad Yeats was once a cutting edge megalithic archaeologist - an expert on the pyramids an other large scale ruins. After a few mishaps with local governments and the destruction of ancient sites, the only job he can find is on a TV show that looks for signs of aliens in the ruins.

Dr. Serena Serghetti is an ex-nun and language specialist who had dedicated her life to fight human rights violations around the globe.

When a secret US military installation in Antarctica discovers something buried under the ice, Conrad is requested by the General in charge. Having no other choice, Conrad goes to Antarctica to investigate.

When the Vatican finds out about the discovery, they send Dr. Serghetti to oversee, not in her capacity as an ex-nun who still occasionally works for the church, but as her role as a member of the Australia-Antarctica Preservation Society.

What they find under the ice will be the most important discovery of the century - but it may also trigger the melting of the ice cap that will flood much of the world.

This first in the series of sci-fi thriller is along the lines of books by James Rollins, Lincoln Child & Douglas Preston, Benjamin E. Miller and Dan Brown.

Greanias, Thomas. (2005). Raising Atlantis. New York: Simon & Schuster.

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