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15 September 2009

The Atlantis Prophecy (Atlantis #2)

The Atlantis Prophecy by Thomas Greanias is the second book in his Atlantis series - part Indiana Jones, part historical fiction/legend, part science fiction.

Four years after the events in Antarctica, Archaeologist Conrad Yeats is informed that the body of his father has been discovered. At the funeral, when the tombstone is revealed, Conrad know his father is sending him a message.

The stone is an obelisk with code on all four sides. With the help of Dr. Serena Serghetti, a Vatican linguist and environmental/human rights activist, Conrad must decipher his father's code before the bad guys.

Though his is practically the same plot as the first book, the change of setting to Washington DC and the inclusion of US history makes this an entertaining book. Fans of Dan Brown will enjoy the secret societies involved.

Greanias, Thomas. (2008). The Atlantis Prophecy. New York: Pocket Star Books.

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